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Envest is a leading provider of early stage capital to basic industries in the eastern portion of the U.S. Envest invests in a relatively broad range of basic industries, with a focus on manufacturing, healthcare services, and franchising. Envest provides capital at various stages of growth with proven management teams, with a primary focus on early to mid-stage companies which have attained early market success and require capital for growth.

Founded in 2000, Envest is a private equity firm based in Virginia Beach, VA. The Envest principals have prior experience in general management of both large and small businesses which it believes has been fundamental to its success. Envest strives to provide exceptional strategic direction and board governance to its portfolio companies. Envest has achieved top decile performance amongst its private equity peer group.


Envest focuses on privately-held businesses in basic industries and non-revolutionary technologies. We have experience investing in financial services, franchising, manufacturing, healthcare services, travel and entertainment, and software/IT. Envest typically provides between $2 and $10 million of equity over the life of an investment and participates via active Board involvement.




CoEnvest, the current investment platform, is actively seeking near-term cash generating businesses that can provide for long-term superior private equity returns through company growth and enhanced operations.

CoEnvest is not a diversified fund, but instead each partnership will be an investment in a single private company, led by Envest Holdings, LLC.

Envest partners will seek to drive operational improvements, accelerate growth, and guide the business strategically.

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Envest Ventures I, started in 2000, is fully realized and created significant value for investors. It ranks as a VC/PE industry top performer.

Envest II, started in 2004, is fully invested with a few remaining active portfolio companies.

Envest III, started in 2008, has completed its portfolio selection and has reserves to invest in its active portfolio.


Since 2000, Envest has:

• Raised $162 million for Envest I, II, and III.

• Invested $117 million in 32 privately-held companies.

• Successfully exited over 20 investments and achieved positive returns for its investors.


John Garel

John Garel

Senior Managing Director
David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Senior Managing Director
Lisa Parks

Lisa Parks

Vice President





Current investment vehicle with one investment made in early 2014.

Actively seeking investment opportunities.

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Envest III

A $72.7 million Fund started in May 2008. Nine investments with the majority still active and reserves to be invested in the current portfolio. 

Envest II

A $48.3 million Fund started in March 2004. The Fund has successfully exited the majority of its investments and a few remain active. 

Envest Ventures I

A $40.8 million Fund started in April 2000. Fully realized and achieved positive returns for investors. Ranks among the top performing funds nationally within our peer group. 


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